Biosolids Turf Test - Two Weeks In

A couple of weeks ago, I spread 5 gallons of biosolids on a rectangle of turf in our backyard.  Here's that post.  Today if you look out there, the grass is, ummm, different.  It is different than any of the reset of the grass in our yard.  It is deeper green and has taller growth than any other section of grass in our entire backyard.  If you look at the photo at the top, you can see the arker area that runs from top to bottom, right? 

A couple of weeks in and you can still see the material that is in large chunks, but some of it has made its way into the thatch.  I was out there on a day that it had rained and it seemed that the original smell from the biosolids was invigorated a bit. That's a downside of topdressing with biosolids.  But, the upside?  It is visible in this photo - clear as day. 

With that smell and our kids being heavy users of our yard during the Spring and Summer, I'm wondering if Fall is the best time to consider topdressing with biosolids.  It would make the most sense in terms of limiting the exposure to the smell and the material.  And, according to this PSU extension office post, topdressing with a compost material like biosolids can improve soil quality overtime - if applied with a light hand.  Maybe something for the 2020 to-do-list addendum?  Fall topdressing with biosolids?  I'll consider it.


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