Today Is The Day: Pre-Emergent Application (Thanks GDDTracker)

In March, I shared the bag of Halts (no lawn food) that I had secured before Amazon started to slow down their shipping during the pandemic and referenced the Michigan State University Growing Degree Days tracker. is the day:  we're right in the middle of the "Optimum" range so it is time to put down that pre-emergent.  You can see where April 2nd lines up in the screenshot above.

My bag of grassy weed pre-emergent that I have from Scott's covers just 5k square feet.  I have about 15K square feet of turf, so this covers just part of my lawn - and I've been focused on the very far back 5k square feet.  That's where I applied this year's batch.  I'm trying to set a reminder for myself that I should throw down another round of this stuff in the Fall to take on the Poa that I think is taking over parts of my lawn. 

I went back to my ratty Scott's Edgeguard spreader for this job of what reminds me of cracked corn:

I'll be keeping an eye on the grassy weeds this Spring to see if this had any impact.  Hoping that using the science of the GDD tracker + the selection of this product WITHOUT lawn food = good results.


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