Milorganite in Caddyshack - Greenskeeper Pro Move

Milorganite in Caddyshack - Carl Spangler (Bill Murray)

There I was, just wasting time as I watched Caddyshack on tv a few weeks back and I see Carl Spangler prepping for his battle with the gopher. But, what's that in the sacks behind him?  Wait a second...that's...Milorganite.  Yeah...Milorganite.  

Kinda interesting to see the old-school bags from 1979 that the pros down in Davie Florida were using, isn't it?  


  1. Milorganite is his bed… he sleeps on it..,. The irony is that milorganite is the only fertilizer made from human waste (people poop)… it’s the only fertilizer in America that is legally licensed to process human waste into fertilizer. His bed is human poop


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