Northern Red Oak: Backyard Tree Identified

We have two large Oak trees in our backyard.  One has a tree swing on it.  The other is located a little further back in the yard and is along the south property line.  That second one is the tree that I documented last Fall/Winter when it lost a good-sized limb in an ice storm.  I've just been referring to the trees as "Oak Trees", but since our visit to Waterfall Glen where we came across an Oak Tree identification sign, I wanted to see if I could get clarity on the actual varieties.

First up is the south-side tree.  That photo at the top is a close-up of one of the leaves.  Note it has pointed lobes at the tips and the recesses that appear between each lobe aren't SUPER deep - like on the Hill's Oak.  And, looking at the sign, I think we can rule out the Shingle Oak for sure.  This *could* be a Black Oak, but I'm leaning toward calling it:  Northern Red Oak.  

Next up - is the larger Oak with our tree swing.  Those leaves are quite a bit higher, so I might have to wait until Fall when they start turning up on the ground to be sure the variety.  


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