Shadowland Empress Wu Hosta - Bought July 2020

It might be time to add coverage of my 'collecting mantra' to include plants and hostas.  You know the line that I tell myself at garage sales and estate sales.  Thanks to COVID-19, my days at garage sales and estate sales are limited.  So, too, are my trips to the Hardware Store.  But, on one of them, I did wander into the outdoor section of the garden center and saw a relatively inexpensive hosta that caught my eye.  You can see it above - and it looks totally ordinary, right?  It was just $4.99, but that's not the (only) reason I bought it.  The price was/is attractive, but the variety was the real draw here.  It is labeled as an Empress Wu Hosta.  See the tag below:

A quick trip around the Google Machine and I find something that shares the name Empress Wu, but in every instance, it is prefaced with the name Shadowland.  I went to the source - Proven Winners - because that's where the tag is from and they, too, label it Shadowland Empress Wu Hosta.  They also say that it is the biggest hosta you can get
The largest known hosta available! This massive plant forms a gigantic upright mound of huge, thick, dark green leaves topped with pale reddish violet flowers. It will make a fantastic statement in your shade garden!
If you do, indeed, head to that Proven Winners listing, you'll notice that they use the SAME photo on the listing that is on the tag - with the little girl in the pink dress standing next to the mammoth hosta.  So, I'm PRETTY sure, this is the Shadowland Empress Wu.

A little more background - and some planting ideas for location come from Plant Addicts listing:
If you’re trying to fill in a large section of a garden or landscaping plan, the Showland Empress Wu Hosta needs to be at the top of your list! Able to survive in harsh climates, these plants are perfect for those looking to add some dense color around the exterior of your home or building. 
Measuring in at 3’-4’ in height, the Showland Empress Wu Hosta covers a substantial area in width, which typically stretches 5’-6’. These magnificent giants bloom in the summer months and produce purple and reddish-purple shades, which are accompanied by thick green foliage. Primarily used as a filler, these plants are great for filling large, shaded spaces. However, they also make fantastic corner pieces in landscaping and thrive in mass plantings as well.
Plant Addicts further indicates that it isn't a deep shade hosta, but needs *some* sun:
Although robust, these plants do need a little bit of care. They can tolerate a moderate amount of shade but do need access to sunlight from time to time. You’ll also want to set these on a regular watering schedule, as they don’t handle drought very well. Also, be sure that the area has adequate drainage. Another important factor in choosing a planting location is soil quality, as the Showland Empress Wu Hosta cannot survive in depleted conditions.
Knowing that it is suitable to be in a space that can accommodate the spread, likes shade but can use a little bit of dappled sun, and have to be water-able, I have to figure out where to plant it.  Accessible from the yard hydrant or as part of my watering patterns seems key.  That means backyard or under the large Maple in front, I'm thinking. 


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