Front Yard Maple Lost a Limb - August 2020

During that Summertime Derecho storm earlier this week, we had some significant damage to one of our front yard trees - the Norway Maple that is right outside of our front porch.  This is the same tree that I posted a photo of earlier this Summer when I spotted some bare spots in the canopy.  I took the photo above while the storm was going on and right after my neighbor texted me that the tree was dropping branches.

This was - in my mind - the 'good side' of the tree, so that's unfortunate.  But, this dropped straight down.  Didn't hit our house, roof, gutter, porch and caused no damage.  So, I'm thankful for that.  And the cleanup wasn't too much.  My neighbor Matt was kind enough to come out and bring his chainsaw to help me cut this up into segments that were manageable in terms of removing and cleaning up.

We ended up with a little bit of firewood that I'll put out on the pile in the back to season for a more than a year (thinking it will be ready to burn in Winter 2021) and I used my pair of loppers to cut down the small branches so I could put them on the curb.

The timing of this is funny - as I had a tree guy out to see this tree (and some in the back) the previous week and we were set to prune this one and treat it to keep it alive.  More on that once we get going on the process.

Last Fall, I posted about one of our Oaks suffering some storm damage (that time from heavy, wet snow vs wind), but lost a similar-sized limb.


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