Purple Coral Bells - Container Transplant - August 2020

Last year, we filled our cast iron urn that is out front adjacent to our driveway with a variety of annuals and perennials including a purple Coral Bells or heuchera plant.   In our zone, Coral Bells - which prefers part shade - is typically a perennial, so when I was cleaning out the urn at the end of the gardening season (before we swapped it out for Mums), I stuck it in the bed next to our garage on the north side of our house.  This area is - almost entirely - shade, so I figured it might be something that could grow there.

Fast forward to this Summer and have a look at the maroon/purple Coral Bells that you see in the photo at the top of this post.  It seems that the plant made it through the Winter and has come out the other side with some new growth and even some tiny flower stems that have shot out the top.

I actually am NOT sure what the specific name is, but I bought it at a big box garden center - and I'm guessing it is this Purple Palace variety that Monrovia lists on their site.

One thing that is kind of interesting is that this is an evergreen.  All Winter long, the foliage remained and when the Spring returned, it started to regrow.  This post says that you're ok to dig up, divide and transplant Coral Bells every three to five years.  From Wilson Brother Gardens:
Every 3 to 5 years it's a good idea to divide Heucheras, especially if the center of the plant becomes woody and/or growth slows down. Divide and replant Heucheras in the spring so the divisions have plenty of time to develop a good root system before the next winter season sets in. To divide, simply dig up the plant with a trowel or hand shovel and use your fingers to gently pull the plant apart into divisions. Plant these divisions as soon as possible with the crown at ground level.
Being in the container...let's call that year one.  This Summer - 2020 - is year two.  That means that perhaps in 2021 - or more likely 2022, I should think about dividing this and creating a few more in this border bed.  Should that - dividing my Coral Bells - be the start of my 2021 to-do gardening list?


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