Year Two - Soil Savvy Soil Test Kits Arrived - 2020

I recently ordered the pair of Soil Savvy test kits that you see above and am going to turn around the soil samples to get my results right away.  I did the same thing last year - ordered two kits in June.  And, in July, I had the results - for both the front and backyard(s).  You can buy the kits directly from Soil Savvy and they give you a little break if you order two of them.  I'm interested to see what has changed in my soil over the past year - and to see how much impact that I have had with my soil amendments and fertilizers. 

For those keeping track at home, #4 on my 2020 to-do list this Summer was to test the soil again.  So, I'm on my way to crossing that one off.

Below, is a look at what is in the package.  You get a little soil scoop, a screw-top container that you deposit the soil sample, a registration card and a padded envelope with pre-paid postage to send the sample in.  In the little container, there's a little bit of (what I think is) water and a little capsule.  According to their site, that little capsule is what they actually test.  It absorbs what is in your soil.  From Soil Savvy:
Soil Savvy™ patented artificial plant root that adsorbs your nutrients just like the root of your plant

I'm going to take a composite of the front yard that includes both the main yard and the parkway and north side of driveway.  And for the back, I'll be taking a composite from clay soil nearest to our house, I think.  Maybe I'll combine both the backyard(s) and just start to treat it all the same going forward. 


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