Northside Kentucky Coffee Tree (3 of 3) - September 2020

I mentioned that we had an arborist come out to look at some of the trees our property for maintenance and while he was there, I asked him to help me identify a few trees.   At the time, I wasn't sure if they were weed trees or something that was/is worth keeping.  I showed him one of them and he immediately told me it was a Kentucky Coffee Tree.  I posted about the first one - along our back fenceline here.  Then, I posted photos of the second of them - on the south property line about halfway between the large Oak and the trampoline. 

This post is showing the third of these trees.  This one is along the north property line/fence line and is to the East of the cluster of American Elm trees we have (all of them small) along the fence.   So this is kind of growing up in/out from the canopy of the biggest Oak tree (swing tree) and just next to the River Birch clump.

You can see the chainlink fence in the photos here - that's from the construction next door and will go away once they wrap up their project. 

I'll be adding these to the caliper measurements later this Summer/early Fall and will start to track them.  They are ALL tall and skinny and have no growth at all on the first 80% of their trunks. 


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