Two More Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grasses - Arboretum Plant Sale 2020

 Last week I went over to the Morton Arboretum Plant Sale and picked up a few things for Fall planting.  They had some items that I've come across before and others that were new to me - having not come across them at either a garden center or big box store.  I'll post about the groups of plants (and one tree) that I brought home over the next few days.  

First up are a pair of Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grasses.  I've posted about them over the years - and have a series of them planted outside of our kitchen windows in back, three of them planted by our landscapers between our front porch and driveway and one solo grass planted outside of our screened porch.  I bought six and only planted five by the kitchen windows, hence this other one being all alone.

I really like these grasses as they provide a mix of coloring through the year - from green to purple to gold - and provide a lot of interest all year long - including Winter.  

Back to that one outside our screened porch.  Changing that fact - how it is all alone - has been something that Nat has mentioned a few times.  So, when I saw these grasses at the Arboretum Fall Plant Sale, I grabbed two of them.  Here's the plant tag: 

Here's the pair of grasses:

And here's the sign at the sale - notice the $7 price - seems like a good deal, no?

Here's how they're described by the folks at the Morton Arboretum:
An upright variety with slender stems and airy, purple-tinted flowers in early summer. Flowers change to a wheat color by August. Excellent for mass plantings and as a vertical accent in borders or narrow spaces.

I'll post another photo when I get them in the ground in the next few days. 


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