Lemon Coral Sedum @ Morton Arboretum

 If you drive by the entrance to the Morton Arboretum last month, you saw a striking series of plants that include some bright colors including this ground cover that is almost highlighter yellow.  

They planted a big drift of this stuff that made a carpet-like layout.   See below in all of the late Summer glory:

I suspected that this was Lemon Coral Sedum - which I've planted in containers the past few years - but wasn't sure.  But, what is amazing (at least to me) is that the Morton Arboretum has something called a "Plant Clinic".  What's a Plant Clinic?  From their site:

The Morton Arboretum’s Plant Clinic helps homeowners, gardeners and landscape professionals throughout the Chicago region and the world have healthy, attractive, well-chosen plants. Trained staff and volunteers are available in person, by phone, or by e-mail to help with tree and plant selection, identifying and coping with pests and diseases, and other concerns.

So, I emailed them to inquire about this chartreuse ground cover and the fine folks at the Plant Clinic sent me back this confirmation:

The Plant Clinic confirmed that it is, indeed, Lemon Coral Sedum.  But they also shared that they plant it as an annual.  The reason why that's so interesting to me is that we have some volunteer(ish) Lemon Coral Sedum that has survived a few Winters that has taken root in the two small beds next to our rear stoop.  Here are those volunteers:

Both of these little patches of Sedum have lived through cold conditions without any support.  I think the snow provided an insulation blanket last year, but this year?  I'm going to cover them with wood chips to see if I can get them to overwinter.

I'm also thinking that we should buy a bunch of this stuff and plant it in the front bed under the Norway Maple tree where I can't see to get hostas to flourish.


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