Greenspire Linden Fall Buds - November 2020

Earlier this week, I posted an image of our first set of London Plane Tree buds (they're pointy right now) and talked about how nature writer Rutherford Platt talked about how tree buds set in the Fall are as varied as jewelry and diamonds.  Here's the second in my (now) series of tree buds around our yard.   Today, is a look at our Greenspire Linden tree buds.  

Interestingly, I've posted about these very buds before - but in Spring - because they get big and bulbous and interesting looking - like this time in early 2020 and also in early 2018.  But, never shared a photo in the Fall.

I bought these trees back in 2017 before we even moved in our house because I wanted to try my hand at espalier with them.   And, even more recently, I showed how these things were covered in aphids and I attempted to spray them with a pesticide

Here's what the buds look like right now - in November of 2020:

I'll get to a few more tree buds in our yard over the next week or so, but for now, here's my Fall 2020 list of tree bud posts:


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