A 2020 Miss: Staining the Patio Container - December 2020

 I'm due for a final 2020 to-do list recap, but before I get to that full list, I wanted to put down a post here about just one item:  #12 - Paint/stain the Patio Wood Container.  

Here's a link to a late-season (October) checkin on the list that at the time showed #12 being left uncompleted.  Here, below, is a photo of said wooden patio container and one of our larger glazed patio containers tucked in next to it.  And guess what?  It is STILL unstained.  

I started this project back in Summer of 2019 - as it was an ask from Natalie. I used treated lumber and based on everything that I read, you're supposed to wait a while to let the treated lumber to breath on its own BEFORE staining it.  That meant that I let myself off the hook that first year.  But this year?  NO excuse.  Other than COVID, I guess.

Posting this mostly to SHAME MYSELF into getting this back on the 2021 to-do list and to get it done in the Spring.  Nat wants it stained black - so I just need to get to the paint store to buy a quarter or two and lay it on.  That will, I think, require me to either pick up and move the box to the lawn OR to put down some patio paver protection if the box is TOO HEAVY to move.  

Come on, future Jake.  Get this thing stained.  


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