Nine Days in: Harry Potter Christmas Break Puzzle

Doesn't look like much progress, does it?  Feels like I've sat in front of this puzzle for multiple hours, but all that I have to show for it is PARTS of four scenes.  There are twenty-one (21) total scenes in the puzzle across five rows. I have one scene in four of the five rows started so far.  I'm running out of time but, I suppose that means that I'll have to focus even more on this thing in the coming days.

As a reminder, I called my shot with a 'Christmas Break' project puzzle back on Sunday, December 13th.  Five days later, on Friday, December 18th, I did my first check-in that showed the border mostly done and some of the color pieces sorted into piles.  Today, it looks like this:

I'm fearing that I did all of the EASY parts, so now the project might only slow down.  


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