Northbrook Mall Drive-Thru Light Show - Christmas 2020

 We have quite a few Christmas traditions in our house.  COVID has caused us to change, drop or modify a bunch of them.  But, it also provided us with some new opportunities.  One of them was this new drive-through light show that took place in the parking lot of Northbrook Mall.  We went right before Christmas to celebrate the Babe's birthday.  It is called the "Let it Shine" lightshow and you can find all the details here on their site.  I don't know if this is a one-year thing (because of COVID), but based on our experience, I'm hoping it isn't.  

We really liked it.  

We packed a dinner and packed the kids in to the van and went up there.  There is something akin to Disney's Fast Pass that you can buy to get a shortcut in the line.  But, we didn't wait that long.  Maybe 15 or 20 minutes of waiting until it was our turn to wind through the light show.  I have to say...I'm not sure that was a terrible thing.  

It costs $39.99 per car - which seems high.  But, I think it is a decent value.  The Fast Pass costs you $20 more - so $59.99.  I think we'll do it again next year and I think if you go early enough in the evening, skip the Fast Pass.  Makes the 'show' seem to last longer.  Because, once you are *IN* the show, it goes fast.  


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