Swaying of the Spruce Trees - Morton Arboretum - Winter 2020

 Like the creaking of an old wooden ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the Spruce Plot at the Morton Arboretum isn't just a sight for your eyes.  If you listen closely enough, you'll hear some of the trees swaying and rubbing against each other - way up in the air.  The sound is really quite an interesting part of your visit to this area.  You can go anytime during the year, but I think Winter provides the most striking difference in the area.

Have a listen to the swaying of the Spruce trees at the Morton Arboretum:

I've written a few times about this particular path at the Morton Arboretum this year - and talked about while COVID has taken so much from us, it has also given our family the Spruce Plot at the Arboretum.
Here it is in late Fall - early December 2020 - where all of the leaves have dropped and the Sun is able to hit you *just right* in the morning.  
The video above is in early Winter - late December 2020 - when you get greeted with a lovely morning Sun and some swaying at the top of the straight-as-an-arrow mature Spruce trees.


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