Transplanted Small Fern With An Indoor Haircut - Winter 2021

One of the girls bought a small/miniature fern for their fairy garden in the Summer of 2019 and I somehow was able to yank it out of the garden, pot it and keep it alive all last Winter into this past Spring.  When the warm weather arrived, I put the pot out on the back stoop and the fern seemed to be happy.  I brought it in this fall and promptly neglected it.  I came across it and noticed that it was dried out, brittle and rootbound.  I repotted it and moved it to something larger, fed it with some composted manure and put it out on the screened porch.  It looked like this after repotting:

It isn't happy looking.  That's (I think) a combination of neglect and the stress of coming inside to deal with the dry, indoor air and what I'm guessing is some level of dormancy-induced decline due to Winter.  All of the leaves are dry and a lot of the fronds are brittle.  If you pinch them and slide up/down, you can peel off the leaves on about 1/3rd of the fronds.  

I decided to do something drastic:  give it a haircut.   Instead of hunting and picking through all the dry fronds, I figured I'd give it a shot at growing new, healthy, indoor-sensitive fronds from the crown.

Here's what it looks like today - sitting on the screened porch after the haircut:

I have another plant out there that I did something similar - plucked it out of an outdoor container this Fall, transplanted it and gave it a haircut.  That plant - more in an upcoming post - is doing really well and has bounced back in a big way after the repotting and haircut.

I'm hoping that after a little recovery time, this small-format fern will show me some new growth out of the crown and we'll have an indoor-adapted fern that will be happy out on the porch.


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