Tinkerbell Castle Disney Pin With Easel

Here's another Disney Parks pin that was in the recently uncovered stash of pins in my closet.  This one, however, isn't new.  It is NOT on a card, so I'm thinking we traded for it off of a cast member's board or lanyard.  PinPics says that it is from 2011 (or at least the companion DLR one with Sleeping Beauty's Castle is from 2011). This one features Tinker bell and Cinderella's Castle.  It is billed as "It's Magic".  

The pin "starts" as a black and white line drawing of the castle.  

 But, when you lift up on the tab that has the Walt Disney World logo and pull, you get a little color magic show with a full-color castle with fireworks.  It is kinda neat.

This is a pretty THICK pin and like I said, has a easel on the back:

The easel makes it seem like this pin is best set up on a shelf somewhere, but you guys know that we have a board and not a shelf.  Seems like I'll give it a go to see if it sticks in the board and will hang there.


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