Backyard Tulips Emerge - Spring 2021

Last week, I marked the first tulip bulb of Spring in our front yard that had emerged out of the cocoa bean hull mulch and talked about how I added 57 new tulip bulbs in the Fall of 2020 to that bed.  This past weekend, I was looking around the area where I planted tulip bulbs in the backyard and saw the first one coming up around the large Oak tree.  Below, you can see the tip emerging from the wood chips that almost looks candy corn-ish.

In this area, I planted way more than I did in the front and put in 114 total new tulip bulbs around this area, so I'm hoping for quite a show this Spring.  I used a combination of two purples, white and yellow bulbs, but I'm not certain which variety this particular bulb is based on the early color.  


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