17 Years of Blogging - Web Publishing Anniversary

I suppose it is more like seventeen years and seven weeks.  I seem to have missed chronicling the 17 year mark of publishing the Web here on the blog back in February.  February 16, 2004 was my very first post on my Weblog that traveled from JoinTomCross to RhodesSchool to JakeParrillo.  But, thankfully (lol), I've brought over all of those posts to this one place online.  Seventeen years is a long time for anything. For me, it is 40% of my life.  I fell in love with the Web back in 2004 and haven't looked back.  But, plenty of you others have moved on - to other platforms and other tools.  But for me, there's a lot of joy to be putting my fingers to the keyboard and everyday: "Show up, sit down and type."

That exercise - writing something, every day, is because I fear atrophy.  As I've reached my 40's, I realize (painfully so) that my body is atrophy'ing.  But, my mind?  And the idea of creating?  I can fight that off by pushing "publish" here on the Web every.single.day.

As for publishing on the Web, I seem to have failed to ride the social media wave.   I love Twitter and spend more time on it than any other platform.  But, I don't tweet.  

It seems that blogging was growing when I joined in early 2004 and peaked shortly there after.  It has only declined in interest since 2007 or so as everybody else who has that same publishing itch moved to Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

Interest in blogging since that post:

I've posted here on my own Weblog to mark the passing years of posting content from time-to-time, but I have failed to mark all 16 anniversaries.  Last year, I marked 16 years and counted that I had 3319 posts on the blog at the time - or more than nine full years of days.

With this post, I'm counting 3.733 posts here on the blog - which is more than ten years of content.

Although, I haven't marked it every year, here are the ones I have posted about:

2021 - 17 year Blogging Anniversary
2020 - 16 year Blogging Anniversary
2019 - 15 year Blogging Anniversary
2016 - 12 year Blogging Anniversary
2014 - 10 year Blogging Anniversary
2013 - 9 year Blogging Anniversary
2011 - 7 year Blogging Anniversary


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