First Ironite Application - Front Lawn - April 2021

I've adopted the approach to limit feeding my lawn until May.  Why?  Because I want to avoid having to cut the lawn more than I need to in Spring.  That means that all during March and April, when the big box stores are pushing their various Step 1 programs and I see all the fertilizer on pallets, I don't apply it to my lawn.   I feed late in the season (Thanksgiving time) and know that my lawn greens up on it's own in April.  And, like I said....I don't want to have to start cutting it just yet.  

Last year I published my lawn care schedule.  In that post, I include a few April items that aren't feeding the lawn like Humic Acid and Lime (soil conditioners) as well as using Ironite in the front to get that dark green look (without ALL THE GROWTH).  

I'm posting this on April 24, but that bag of Ironite you see in this post went down on April 18th.  I put it on the full front yard - main yard, parkway and 'in between two driveways'.  5K square feet.

Note: this is part of #17 on my to-do list for 2021.  

The other items on my list for Spring-time include Wild Onion removal, laying down Humic Acid and Lime.  All before I feed the lawn in late May.  Check some of those off the list and I think I'll be in good shape to call this one done by Fall.


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