Mailbox Post - Small Gardening Tool Storage Idea - March 2021

I was in the Menards garden center recently and came across this rack that had four mailbox posts laying on it that had my gears turning a little bit.  Turning about what?  Well, that would be #11 on my 2021 to-do list for the season:  "Figure out SMALL tool storage - like pruners, saws, gloves, hand shovels, hose washers, other smalls."

Could a mailbox post and a large, metal mailbox be the solve?

I've danced around various tool storage ideas and have not settled on something that I'm in love with in terms of location, size, type, utility for gardening tool storage.  But, a mailbox solves A LOT of what I'm facing:  it is weatherproof, it closes and some of the larger ones can hold a lot of things like saws, shovels, gloves, even wire and automower supplies.  I currently keep everything in the garage, but that means that when I need them, I have to out front, grab them, then come back and do the work.   This would put my most-essential tools right on hand IN the yard that I spend most of my time in (the back).

I'm thinking that I can set a post like this somewhere out of view and stow away all of my smalls in a traditional (large) mailbox.  Heck... Home Depot sells this one that is 10" tall and more than 8" wide that comes in something close to Go-Away Green.  


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