Two More Amber Queen Barrenwort - May 2021

 Last year, I bought three Amber Queen Barrenwort plants from the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale.  I ended up planting them around one of the Catalpa trees in the north bed.  They tolerate shade, so that seemed like a good spot.  At this Spring's plant sale at the Morton Arboretum, I tried to buy even MORE of the same stuff that I bought last year.  On these Amber Queen Barrenworts, I was successful.  I bought TWO more - and planted them in the same area.  The drift is now five.  Fall plantings are the three on the left.  The new ones are the two on the right.  They'll get mulched in soon.

I mulched these in last Fall using arborist wood chips from the Downers Grove 'mulch pit'.  Interesting to note the decomposition that has taken place over the past six or so months.  


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