Front Yard Purple Sensation Allium Check-in - May 2021

There are (now) four Purple Sensation Allium that pop up in our front bed between the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea and our boxwoods.  I say "now" because when I planted these in the Fall of 2018, there were five of them in this location.   Seeing the photo below, I'm now thinking I should buy more of these this Fall and line the whole row between the hyrangea and boxwods with a row of Allium bulbs.  

They provide a nice pop of color and come alive in between when the tulips have expired and when our annuals begin to fill-in.   I could see 25 or so more planted here to fill in the area.   

Note:  like other posts, this one is live in June, but this photo is from late May 2021.


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