Gilt Edge Toad Lilies Planted - Spring 2021

Last November, I posted a 'plant dreaming' post about Japanese Toad Lilies that I came across for the first time (i.e. new to me) via Erin the Impatient Gardener's Instagram handle.  Here's that post where she talked about growing Toad Lilies and said: "You should know and grow Toad Lilies."  Ever since that post, these have been on my radar.  In fact, I mentioned them as part of #18 on this year's to-do list when I talked about the continued expansion of Japanese-inspired gardening.  So, when I saw them being sold at Hinsdale Nursery this Spring, I knew I had to buy some of them for our yard.  

Here, below, is the listing at Hinsdale Nursery - for 'Gilt Edge' Japanese Toad Lily - Tricyrtis fomosana 'Gilt Edge':

They're 'shade-loving' and will 'naturalize'.  Love both of those things.

Here, below, are the three 1# nursery pots as they began to break dormancy recently:

...And here's a look at the plant tag that came with these:

I planted these in the far back - near the new fire pit area - along the fence.  They flower late in the year - the tag says September/October - so I'm looking forward to the late-Summer show.  I already know that I want to buy even more of these to put around a few places in the beds.  


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