Growth Regulator, Preventative Fungicide, Grub Control and Soil Conditioner - June 2021

Marking down a few items in my [lawn care diary] for the season with this post that have taken place over the past few weeks.   The last time I posted a lawn update was when I put down Hydretain at the beginning of June on the front lawn and 'between two driveways' strip.   This post is marking four other applications that I've done and figured it was best to wrap up in one post.

The first (that I don't have a photo of) was the application of 2 total bags of Grub Control from Menards on the front and back lawn and even some of the beds at the very beginning of June.  

Then, I put down a second spoon-feeding of the Sea Kelp, Biochar, Iron and Humic from The Andersons.  At the end of May.  Here's a look at the bag of this stuff in the garage below.  I think I'll get two more applications of this still this Summer:  #3 at the end of June.  #4 at the end of July.

In June, I put down two new products:  First this Slow Mow Lawn Conditioner - a growth regulator - to just the front yard, the parkway and the 'between two driveways' section.  Here, below, is a look at the bag of this stuff:  it covers 2500 square feet.  

The listing from Bioadvanced talks about this product as a "lawn conditioner", but it is REALLY what they call a "growth regulator".  It features two benefits:  1.  Reduces mowing by up to half.  And...2. Improves turf durability and density.

That's what a growth regulator does, but I'm guessing that labeling it a 'lawn conditioner' is an easier shelf-sell in big box stores.  I put this down on Monday, June 7th.   Trying to get ahead of the Summer heat when the grass naturally slows down.

On that same day, I applied two bags of this (below) Disease Ex fungicide on the entire lawn - front and back.  I was a bit short of this product in the back, but spread it lightly across the entire lawn.


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