Little Henry Sweetspire - June 2021 - Front Yard

Here, below, is a look at the pair of Little Henry Sweetspire (Itea virginica 'Sprich') that was planted back in the Summer of 2017 when our house was built.  This shrub puts off these lovely, white flowers that have a really nice smell and the foliage puts on a show all year long.   This sits in a bed tucked in between our front walk and the driveway and just kind of keeps performing without much care.

The last time I posted about these Little Henry's was back in September of 2019 here.

I water the front yard during the Summer heat, so this shrub likely gets a little bit of that benefit, but I haven't fed it directly - to date.  But, I've noticed that the foliage is a little bit light green - not dark green currently.  

I mentioned on Monday that the Rhododendrons seemed to need a little bit of iron, so I went out and picked up a bag of this fast-acting Iron soil supplement from Menards to see if it will make it happy and darken things up.  I'm going to use the same product on these Little Henry Sweetspire shrubs to try to do the exact same thing (green up).


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