Bald Cypress Summer Foliage - July 2021

Our little Bald Cypress tree - that is planted 'in between two driveways' is beginning to shine.  It was so small when we planted it and all of last growing season, it was sandwiched up against a chain link construction fence, so I'm not sure we enjoyed it all.  But this year?  It is putting on a thick new coat of needles and as a lot of growth at the tips of the existing limbs.  Here, below, is a look at how the tips are growing thick and lush:

I need to get around to doing a caliper measurement on this tree (and all of the trees), but I can tell that this is the 'leap' year in the sleep/creep/leap cycle.  Planted in the Fall of 2018, we're in the third growing season, so that tracks, right? 

Last Summer, it had a nice run that included some growth all the way up until September and was mulched properly this Spring.  

We call this tree the "Dinosaur Tree" in our house because of the heritage of the tree going back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the planet.  I really love the tree and the stage it is in right now, although, I do have some regrets in terms of the planting location - it is too close to the property line.   Turns out, when our new neighbors poured their new driveway, they shifted it over about ten feet closer than the previous driveway, so now this tree (in a few years) will begin to have some of the lower limbs encroach on their driveway.  As it gets taller and more mature, I'll likely have to limb-it-up to make sure it doesn't cause problems.  But, until then, I'm going to enjoy it filling and being a substantial tree next to our driveway.  


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