Resurrection Lily Appears - August 2021

Well, well, well.  Looks like we have a Magic Lily.  Or a Surprise Lily.  Or...what I think they call a Resurrection Lily (around here) in our backyard.  See below for the photo of a single Lily with six or seven flowers on it popping up in between our Oakleaf Hydrangeas in the south bed/border.  I don't seem to have documented this in the garden diary over the years, so I'm uncertain as to when it arrived or what it really is in terms of sport.  This post says that it is part of the amaryllis family - and I know I've grown those - but I'm not sure that I ever stuck one in the ground.

But, sure enough.... *someone* planted this thing.  Either it came in with the mulch or it was planted in the beds at some point.  Kinda neat, right?  A surprise, indeed.  In fact, I'm putting this down in the [garden surprise] category.


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