Fall Bulb Planting :‘Christophii’ Allium - October 2021

Earlier this Summer, Erin the Impatient Gardener posted this reminder on her Instagram handle (it was spon con, but it still was useful) about ordering Fall bulbs and in particular, she called out ‘Christophii’ allium as a sport of Allium that she's a big fan of that she says 'steals the show' in her bulb blog post here.  I've historically bought my bulbs from big box stores or Costco (Nat brought home these Pinball Wizard Allium from Costco this year), so the idea of ordering direct from Longfield was something new for me.  

Back in September, I finally got around to ordering some bulbs from Longfield Gardens and close to the end of the month, they shipped them out.  I bought a series of Allium bulbs from them (just Allium this year) including 3 15 packs of these Christophii bulbs.  Here's their product listing.  When they arrived, they were nicely packed in plastic bags with holes punched in them:

With 45 of these to plant, I decided to go with a few different clusters of them in various spots.  I put them in groupings around these Hakelone All Gold grasses under the large Red Oak tree. 

I also tucked in a series of these Allium bulbs in/around the Fanal Astilbes on the southside.  You can see some of those below.

I'll post about the other two types of Alliums that I planted from Longfield in the coming days.  I'm hopeful that these will survive the critters digging around this Fall and we'll see some 'show stealing' next Spring.  


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