Pardon My Pink Monarda didyma (Bee Balm) Transplanted to Sidewalk Bed

I added another (existing) perennial down in the newly created bed by the sidewalk that has been a troublesome spot for growing anything since we moved in.  After cutting out the small bed, I added some Lemon Coral Sedum then installed a Panicum Shenandoah Red Switchgrass last week.  I mentioned that I was going to put down some other things this Fall in that post and today's photos show off the new addition:  a pink Bee Balm.  Officially:  Pardon My Pink Monarda didyma (Bee Balm) - which I kept in a container all Spring and Summer in the backyard.  

You can see it in the photo below (Bee Balm in the bottom left of the bed):

I held on to the plant tag when I planted this in the container, knowing that I was going to be digging this into the beds at some point.  Below is the front of the plant tag showing it takes Full Sun:

Below, is the back, where it says to tuck it into the 'front of your border'.  Done and done. 

The only issue that I see here is that Monarda prefers moist soil - which we KNOW isn't what exists down here.  I did, however, amend the soil around this transplant by adding a bunch of composted manure to the hole to try to give it a shot at putting down some roots this Fall.


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