Happy Thanksgiving Via The Band and The Beatles - 2021 Version

After taking a one-year COVID-related break from The Last Waltz here on the blog for Thanksgiving (with an appropriate detour of "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" from Elton John and John Lennon), it feels right to come back home to The Last Waltz this year.  Sort of.  Will I watch The Last Waltz?  That's my plan.  But, what's the hangup?  The Beatles Get Back is released today- Thanksgiving Day - on Disney+.  

So, what lives at the intersection of The Last Waltz by The Band and Get Back by the Beatles?  It seems that it is this rendition of Hey Jude by The Beatles as performed on David Frost's Frost on Sunday.  Why this song?  First, it is a really lovely number.  But, thanks to my good friend Neil, I discovered a neat little nugget:  If you scroll ahead (or listen all the way) to around 6:19ish mark (during the nah-nah-nahs), you can hear Macca belt out some lyrics from The Weight.  "Take a load off, baby.  Take a load off, baby.  Put it back on me".  Have a listen below:

The whole thing is really a great artifact of the band (Not...The Band).  

I've posted similar things over the years - and have marked the passage of time with Thanksgiving posts featuring The Band here on the blog.

Here's my post from 2021 on The Last Waltz and The Beatles.


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