I Find You Highly Disgusting - Audio Clip

Just...when you need the perfect little sound clip in video form for your use to share over text with your partners, spouse, family, fantasy football league, friends, you go looking on YouTube.  Sometimes you find it, sometimes you don't.  

Good news, dear Blog readers.  I have you covered.  

First...I'm SURE that you've been seeking out the "Twin Sub Z's" line from Meet the Parents, right?  Oh...that's not the one you're looking for?  It should be. But, I understand.  We can't use *that one* all the time.  What's that?  You want the "I find you highly disgusting." line?  

Good news.  

You can click through to YouTube to grab the original url of this "I find you highly disgusting" clip.  When you need it...head over to YouTube.  Then...Copy --> Paste --> Send it.  

What's that, you say?  You're confused?  You don't know why I interrupted garden blogging for this?  

That's ok.  It *is* confusing.  At least a bit.  But, trust me.  There will come a time when you need this link and will want to share this video.  For me?  I've used it twice already this week.  Does it make me laugh?  Yes.  Very much.  However, your mileage may vary.  

Let's keep it real because I'm keeping it real.  

Look no further:  I find you highly disgusting audio clip.


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