When Can You Listen to Christmas Music? November 2021

Earlier this week I flipped over my Christmas music tracking advice website to read:  "Yes" as of Monday, November 1st, 2021.  I've posted about "Can I listen to Christmas Music?" before including last year (when I posted on November 1st) and have posted about it over the years.

If you go to the Christmas Music Permission site and scroll down, you'll see that I have it listed as a project that I established in 2015.  

Ever since then, I've posted about the project - and how I flip it from "No.  Don't be a lunatic." (which is up from Jan 1 --> Oct 31) to "Yes.  Go ahead." (which is up from November 1 --> Dec 31 - almost every year.

In 2015, I started the "Can I listen to Christmas music?" project back in 2015.
In 2016, I posted on Christmas music from 2016 and included a Buzzfeed video.
In 2017, I posted on listening to Christmas music from 2017 on November 2nd
In 2018, I posted about the move to a new landing page (from Blogger to Tumblr with a simple theme).
In 2019, I seem to have NOT posted about the site/project.
But, in 2020, I came back strong with a COVID-specific message to celebrate Christmas music listening season.

One editor's note about these single-issue website projects.  While this one - Can I listen to Christmas Music yet? - changes every year.  One of my other ones - Should I have a holiday weekend wedding? - never changes.  And never will.  Just don't do it, people. 


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