2021 - Year in Blogging - 365 Posts

Today marks a seven year stretch of publishing a post in my online diary here on my blog.  Seven years straight, starting back in 2015 when I stopped posting on my Illinois political-meme blog (which lasted just a couple of years) and came back home to my homestead on the Web.  This year, I've hit 365 posts - this one is the 365th one and there's no reason to not keep going in 2022.  Just post, baby.  I'm like the Al Davis of blogging in 2021.  

By my quick count, there are 260 posts in the [garden diary] for the year, so that's 260/365 = 71% of my posts were related to our yard and garden.  I suppose I'm not surprised by that number, but it certainly points to where my interests are (currently) and how I've been able to use this place on the Web as a reference for what I've planted, what has worked and what I need to work on.  

That feels like a good way to look at the new year:  Recognize what I've done, think about the good and the bad and focus on what I need to prioritize.  

In 2021, we took a couple of trips and hit Disney Parks on both coasts.  We spent a week in a National Forest, learned how to make Bar Pie, finished our basement (mostly), finished a couple of puzzles, did my first topiary (Standing Mickey) and even made a couple of visits to my new office after moving out of the Aon Center.  

I'm already looking forward to the 2022 growing season and I'm hopeful that we'll continue on our path towards normalcy with COVID and the various Covidians releasing their grip on our lives just a little bit more.  Here's to a great 2022 for all of us.  See you in the garden and in the parks. 


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