Fly Thru Birdfeeder - Wind Casualty - December 2021

The Wintertime is *the* time that we feed the birds around here.  Due to the critters we have around the yard (Raccoons, mice, voles, etc), I mostly lay off adding any feed to the feeders until the first frost arrives.  Once we hit that mark, I then tend to provide fresh food each weekday - both for the critters AND the birds.  

Back a few years, we went through the process of becoming a "Certified Wildlife Habitat" via the National Wildlife Federation and part of the criteria is a yard that provides food for wildlife.  They ask for confirmation of a couple of types of feeding including natural nuts (we have Oaks and Walnuts) and seeds (birds, critters) and suet (birds).  We confirmed we go about it both ways - natural via the nuts the trees drop AND the addition of feeders with seed and suet.

We put the critter feed - which is a mix of corn, cracked corn, sunflower seeds and some nuts - on the top of the fence.  The KotBTs likes to put it out in three spots.  And, for the birds, I provide one stadium cup of a good mix (no milet, no corn) into the fly-thru feeder that we've had since early 2018.  Also, once a week, I fill a suet pellet cage and a squirrel-buster feeder with sunflower seeds.  We also provide a couple of suet blocks, but only replace those when they're exhausted.

But, it was that fly-through feeder (here's the first post) that really changed how we deal with the birds.  It had a clear top and bottom and was a tray feeder that the birds could land in/on and feed.  It allowed us to attract a wide-range of birds and, in particular, the cardinals seemed to really like it.  

Unfortunately, over the weekend, we had some pretty high winds.  And, I didn't think to take down any of the feeders.  And when I went out to fill them yesterday morning, I found the fly-thru feeder down on the ground in three parts.  The bottom black plastic nut had cracked right off.  Bummer.  Right in the beginning of our feeding season.....our "best" feeder goes down.  

I'm going to bring it in, give it a good cleaning (it was due anyway) and then give it a go with some Gorilla Glue.  That stuff - if you've worked with it know...) normally 'expands' as it dries and cures.  If you're repairing something delicate, you will USUALLY see some seepage and expansion as it drives - which isn't ideal.  But, in a situation like this?  With a hidden joint.  And an outdoor feeder?  I'm going to give it a go with the glue and even lay it on a little thick in the hopes that the expansion will fill in some of interior void that was created when the plastic cracked.  

If that doesn't work, I guess I'll be off looking for a new platform/fly-thru feeder.  Unfortunately...they're CRAZY expensive, but that just means that I'll have to be on the lookout for a discounted one.  Or, come up with a different solution.  Speaking of which...what ever happened to those feeders I bought at an estate sale this Summer?  I'll have to post about those soon.


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