Happy Festivus - 2021

Last year (2020) appears to be the high-water mark of Festivus being recognized in our household as an official part of the holiday season.   That's when Nat included the holiday on our Family Christmas card alongside Christmas, Hanukah and the new year.   This year, in the rush of the holiday season, our card went out without the inclusion of Frank Costanza's holiday - and that's a miss on my part.  Note to self:  during proof'ing next year, get Festivus back in there.

As for celebrating today, we'll be skipping the pole (it will have to stay in the crawlspace), but I'll try to see if the kids can pin me in the Feats of Strength.  I think I can still take them, though.  

One of the things that I am struck by is how little is known about Festivus from many of my coworkers.  Most of which...are far younger than me.  This December 23rd feels like an opportunity.  An opportunity to educate the Yutes about Festivus.  And why the belief system is fascinating.  

That's for next year, I suppose.  But, also next year, I need to do my part in evangelizing Festivus with our family Christmas card.  

This is the eight year I've celebrated Festivus on the blog.  Here's the other seven.

Here's how I celebrated Fesitvus in 2020. With the inclusion of the holiday on our family Christmas Card.
Here's how I celebrated Festivus in 2019.
Here's how I celebrated Festivus in 2018.
Here's how I celebrated Festivus in 2017.
Here's how I celebrated Festivus in 2016.
Here's how I celebrated Festivus in 2015.
And the first post in 2010 about Festivus appears to be this photo of a real-life Festivus pole outside of a house in Elmhurst.


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