Miscanthus sinesis 'Adagio' - First Year Winter Interest - December 2021

In the flurry of late-season planting in the backyard, I managed to sneak in a trio of dwarf ornamental grasses - Miscanthus sinesis 'Adagio' - in an area underneath the tree swing Northern Red Oak.  They're tucked in behind a colony of Japanese Forest Grasses and in front of the Belgian Fence Apple tree espalier.  One of the noteworthy characteristics of this cultivar is that the flower panicles grow up and out into these gently curving/arching feather heads that provide a lot of Winter interest.  This is the first season we've had these and I'm happy to see the initial view we're getting after these being in the ground for just a short period of time this year.  See below for a look at the feathers at the top:

I can already imagine what these will look like in the coming years as they fill in and thicken-up.  I've historically left ALL of my grasses in place over winter and these seem to be no different.  If you're looking for an inexpensive, zone 5b hardy ornamental grass that give you a little four-season garden love, check out these Miscanthus sinesis 'Adagio'.  The winter show is (maybe) the best part.  

I'm going to include on my 2022 to-do list the notion of focusing on a four-season garden in terms of plantings.  Book it. 


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