Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio' - Dwarf Maiden Grasses - September 2021

Last year, I added a number of new perennials to our garden in late September due to a shopping trip to the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale.  That was, turns out, a one-time event due to COVID cancelling the annual Arbor Day sale.  It ended up working to my benefit because I brought home all sorts of new/interesting material including some new (to me) hostas, a slew of All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses, my first sedges and a Katsura tree.  With no Fall Sale, I'm left to my own devices in terms of shopping for some sales at the garden centers where I am finding some things that fit our plan AND are on sale.  Those are my two criteria for shopping this Fall:  50% off sale + something that fits in our plan or is something I've posted a 'dreaming' post about.

I started a few days ago with the pair of Sugar Tyme Crabpple trees - which I'm planning on espalier'ing - in our sideyard.  Today, sharing a couple of photos of a new dwarf Maiden Grass that I bought in a set of three. 

The other considerations (beyond being on sale and fitting into our plan) for this Fall are:

1.  The idea of adding 'layers' to the borders 

2.  Looking for Winter interest.  That means evergreens and grasses.

3.  Textures - are something that I haven't focused on.  But, adding a contrasing texture to an area is another direction that I'm drawn to right now. 

What happens when you add up those dynamics?  It starts with adding this trio of Miscanthus sinesis 'Adagio' - or Dwarf Maiden Grasses.  

On sale?  Check.

In the plan?  Check.  Kinda.  Not in original.  But, in my current thinking.

Useful as a layer?  Check.

Winter interest?  Check.

Unique texture?  Check.

Winner, winner.  Here's a look at the small container that Home Depot was selling for 50% off below:

What is Miscanthus sinesis 'Adagio'?  Hoffman Nursery has a nice listing up that describes this sport:

Screenshot via Source @ Hoffman Nursery.  Highlights, mine.

There's a lot to like in these plants.  I've found a spot that gets some Sun and can be a nice layer - behind our drift of Hakone 'All Gold' grasses and in front of the apple Belgian Fence.  See below for the placement.  

I can think of a few other places to tuck these grasses in around our backyard - in the various sun/part-sun locations like below the Linden tree espalier, by the storm water intake grate on the north side, tucked in/under the Hornbeams and even for a little pop of texture in the south beds.  But, for now, I'm planning on looking at a few different types of plants to add - including some evergreens like boxwoods and yews.  I'll be playing it by ear over the next 10 or so days - which I think is the extent of the Fall planting season - to see what else goes on sale.


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