View From My (New) Office - December 2021

I've done a few of these [view from my office] posts since we were all sent home at the beginning of COVID that were from my front porch and (even) an airplane.  But, it has been since mid-March when I was last in an office for work.  In that airplane post, I mentioned that we're moving offices - out of the Aon Center - and into a 'west of the river' mid-rise.  Over the past few weeks, I've visited a few times and am busy getting situated in the new setting.  The view?  Quite a downgrade.  The commute? Quite an upgrade.  From a 20-25 minute walk across the Loop to a four minute walk from where I emerged from under Union Station.  

Having been in the office a few days, I'll say:  I'm surprised by how much I've enjoyed being here.  I really still do NOT know what I'm using office days for in terms of work (we're a hybrid team now, so have a mix of WFH and office days), but I'm glad I've come downtown to give it a shot.  

The new office is a hotel situation - grab a desk each day - but so far, there's almost nobody in the office yet.  So, it hasn't been a problem.  Will it ever fill up?  I have no idea.  For now, I'll keep exploring different spots to sit to see if I find somewhere I like more than others.   


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