Amaryllis Bulbs Update - January 2022

Well, we didn't have Christmas flowers.  But, we sure do have New Year's flowers in two of our containers.  We came home from a long weekend to find out that both the trio of Red Lion Amaryllis bulbs and the red and white striped Sunshine Nymph have bloomed and opened up wide.  The last time that I shared photos of these was on December 28th, so in just a week they went from "beginning to open" to "full bloom" that you can see below.  

The Lemon Star Amaryllis (our first green-colored bulb) is at the front of the table in the photo above and you can see that it has grown to be the tallest of the flower stems (Despite being watered with the alcohol/water mix), but the furthest behind in terms of blooming.  Thinking we'll see that one open up in the next week or so.

Below are a few photos that I've taken over the last few days of the Sunshine Nymph flowers.  They're quite striking and have red petals with a white stripe down the middle.  The petals are (more than) double and the very center has a stamen that curls and provides a lot of interest. 

They (the royal 'they' that makes up garden bloggers) say that you can keep and resurrect Amaryllis bulbs in subsequent years through a process of keeping the leaves alive all Spring, putting it outside in the Summer and then pulling them back inside into a dark spot in September to go dormant for a few months.  I suppose that would be a good item to include in my 2022 to-do list that I started last week


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