Propagating Burro's Tail - January 2022

Last week, I started my Winter propagation journey with a new bottle of Rooting Powder and talked about how I was planning on taking up some projects including using some cuttings (or, frankly...more like 'fallings' - because they just fall off the plant) of Burro's Tail and our Christmas Cactus.  I've had success with lazy propagation with my Burro's Tail over the years, but that was at my office on the 64th floor.  This post and photo from 2018 show a good look at the mother plant, a set of soil-rooted babies and a clear cup of water-rooted cuttings.  

I have a series of pieces of this succulent that we've had laying in pots/containers for a number of months, but haven't really been dedicated to getting them to root and was mostly just leaving it to 'hope' that they'd take off.  So, I went off to YouTube to figure out what the *right* way to propagate these are - in soil or in water.  I learned that you should (ideally) allow the cutting to callus over before planting it, but it seemed that the use of rooting compound yielded different discussions and direction.  

Here, below, you can see my setup.  I'm conducting an experiment with two containers.  In the green container, I'm planting cuttings that I've *cut*, then dipped in rooting compound, then planted.  On the right - in the terracotta pot - I have callus'd-over cuttings, dipped in rooting compound, then planted upright in the soil.  

I'll water them the same.  Keep them in the same light.  And, hopefully...will learn something about propagation and cuttings.  


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