Toro Inspiration - Downers Garden Japanese Garden Lantern - January 2022

I was going through some of my draft posts from earlier this Summer and I  noticed a draft post about a Japanese-inspired concrete garden object that I saw in a garden on the border of McCollum park in downers.  I thought I'd bring it up-to-date and publish it here as a marker towards some garden object-inspiration. 

Here's what I saw in a garden in Downers Grove below - a short, stout object that looks like a lantern.  They are called a toro.  

I've posted about being drawn toward Japanese-inspired gardening and even have a visit to Gotenyama Garden in Tokyo as inspiration where they have a large Toro (or at least that's what I *think* it is).  From that post:

I also went to the Chicago Botanic Garden late this Summer to visit with a friend and colleague and while there, we tool'd around the Japanese Garden.  It was really lovely.   Here, below, is a photo I took with my phone as we walked towards the Japanese Garden section from the main entrance. 

In that same post about Gotenyama Garden, I mention that I've adopted some parts of Japanese-inspired style in my yard, but there's more I can do.  I'm thinking that an object like this - that draws the eye towards a focal point - would be a nice addition.    I'm certain that these can be found used at Estate Sales, so that will (now) be on my list.  But, they also can be bought new like this 2' tall one from WalmartHere's a 40" tall one for about 2x the price from Home Depot.   Not something that I'm going to rush out and buy, but I'm thinking this can be something my on radar - maybe my 2022 list or beyond.  I also think I need to revisit the obelisk lumber that I purchased last year and think about building one of those for the yard, too. 


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