Disney Tsum Tsum Pins - Park Collection - February 2022

One of the kids pieced together this collection of Disney Tsum Tsum trading pins that I found when digging out some of our Disney stuff.  You have 'Disney Parks stuff', don't you?   As for these pins....I don't think Tsum Tsums are 'a thing' any more, are they?  I never really *got* them - they were stackable - that was the appeal.  But, they're mostly hamster-looking Disney characters.  Not for me, but that's ok.  Same with Funko Pops.  Not drawn to them.  These Tsum Tsums *do* have cute faces, though.  This collection of pins will join some other Tsum Tsum pins on our big boards in the garage.   

There are a few interesting ones in this group - Obi Won from Star Wars, Baloo from Jungle Book and the pair of birds that are from an Adventureland Booster set.  Juan the Barker Bird from the outside pre-show at the Tiki Room is pretty awesome.   And, so is one of the Showgirl Birds - the cockatoos who come down from the ceiling during "Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing".  (Just close your eyes and you can get transported to that happy place, can't you??)

Disney Tsum Tsum Pins - trading - adventureland
Disney Trading Pins - Tsum Tsums Collection

Top Row:  Obi Wan Kenobi Tsum Tsum Disney Pin.

Middle Row (from the left):  Showgirl Bird Tsum Tsum (from the Adventureland set), Woody from Toy Story Tsum Tsum, Piglet from Winnie the Pooh Tsum Tsum.

Front Row (from the left): Barker Bird Tsum Tsum (from the Adventureland set), Baloo from Jungle Book and Mickey the Mouse.


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