Hanging A Staghorn Fern On The Wall - February 2022

I've owned a Staghorn Fern (Dutch Staghorn) for almost a year, but it took buying a second, smaller one to finally compel me to get it properly mounted on a board and hung.  And, now, it has a home on the wall in my office.  You can see the mounted board below, hanging on a peg near a corner that looks at a western-facing and northern-facing set of windows.   My current plan is to keep my mounted ferns on boards in my office during the cold weather, but as soon as the temperatures improve, I'll get them out on the screened porch along with my other containers. 

Below, you can see the mounted Dutch Staghorn Fern - a small one - on a board with Sphagnum moss as the base.  I used 1-1/4" screws around the perimeter and fishing line to keep the moss down and attached.  

One of the things that I'm going to adjust - going forward - is using a more water-hardy species of wood.  I used pine because I had it on hand, but that's not the best choice.  I *did* apply a clear coat to the board in an attempt to make it a little more water-resistant.  My plan is to find some cedar and mount THIS PINE BOARD on top of that cedar board.  


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