Disney's Boardwalk: The Showplace of the Shore - March 2022

We've been going to Disney's Boardwalk since for ten years now (here's a post showing our first visit, I think...back in March of 2012) and have come to really love and appreciate this resort area of Walt Disney World.  Sure, the Magic Kingdom resorts have the monorail, the electric water pageant and Magic Kingdom Fireworks.  But the Epcot resorts have walking-to two parks, the Skyliner and the Boardwalk area.  On a recent walk around the Boardwalk, I came across this sign that is situated right on the border between the Yacht Club and the Swan and Dolphin bridge that evokes one of those old-time-y vacation postcards.  It has a cute Walt Disney World Resort postmark on the top, even.  But, the part that jumped out to me was the copy in the red bar across the bottom:  "Come to the Showplace of the Shore".  That's a new-to-me tagline for the resort area.  See the signage below:

A quick spin around the Google machine shows me, however, that is his NOT a new tagline/slogan/line for the Boardwalk.  This post - from three years ago - features a different, painted sign on the Boardwalk Inn that markets the Boardwalk in the very same way, with the very same slogan: "Showplace of the Shore", but it also adds: "A Vacation Sensation".  Kinda love both of those.  


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