Dang Rabbits Made A Burrow Again - April 2022

Last Summer, we had a Rabbit create a little baby bunny burrow right on the edge of our patio.  While it sure was fun for the kids, it created some problems with the dog.  Frankly...as I said back then:  it was a bad spot for stashing some tiny bunnies.  All Winter long, we've had rabbit damage, so they're not on the top of my 'invite list' when I think about critters making a home in our yard.  But...I have to remind myself that one of the criteria for a "Certified Wildlife Habitat" is having 'places to raise young'.  So, I suppose having our yard used for a second-straight year as a place to raise tiny bunnies speaks to the conditions.

I said second-straight year.  Yep.  They're back.  But, this time, the Mamma Rabbit picked a MUCH better spot:  tucked in against the house, behind our air conditioners.  Here (below), you can see the little fur she's provided as a blanket in the corner and how she puts the leaves and other landscape material on for cover.

I've seen a couple of bunnies/rabbits around the yard at the 'right times of day' (i.e. dawn and dusk) for someone who would be tending to this little burrow.  But - so far - we haven't caught her in the act.  The Bird's plan is to take some brightly colored string out there and lay it in a precise pattern.  That way...if the string is disturbed, we'll know that Momma has come to tend to the babes.  

Dang Rabbits.  I do not like you.


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