Saucer Magnolia Tree In Bloom - Northern Illinois - Late April 2022

The multi-trunk Saucer Magnolia tree that we planted in our front yard in 2017 is RIGHT NOW in full bloom showing pink and white flowers all over the tips of the tree.  The last time that I checked in on this tree was in mid-February of this year when I looked at the fuzzy cluster of buds on the tips of the limbs that were getting ready to put on the show.  

The history of the Saucer Magnolia in Northern Illinois - Zone 5b:

Summer 2017: Planted as a small, multi-trunk tree.
Early May 2018:  Didn't bloom until early/mid May 2018.  
2019:  The tree did NOT bloom at all.
Early April 2020: Blooms began the first week of April.
Mid-April 2021: In bloom by mid-month (April).

This year - April 2022 - the tree is in full bloom the last week of April:  From April 23rd thru (at least) April 27th.  

See below for this VERY pretty tree:

The tree continues to have a good upright shape.  Once the blooms fade this Spring, I'll look to try to prune a few of the lower limbs to continue to limb-it-up.  


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