Spring Project: Transplant Bird's Nest Spruce from Nursery Container - April 2022

Last season, I bought a 1# Bird's Nest Spruce for $5 (50% off) and decided to stick it in the ground in the nursery container that it came in from the Big Box nursery.  My thinking - at the time - was that I wanted to treat that as a sort-of 'pre-bonsai' specimen.  Buy small (for $5), grow on my own property and then in a few years, I'd have something INTERESTING (and more mature) to try to prune.

This past Winter, the tips were all enjoyed by those dang rabbits who reduced it to this tiny conifer shrub you see in the center of the photo below:

I've come to the conclusion that I'm better served by getting this small evergreen shrub planted in the ground - so it can root - and grow into an interesting contrast shrub.  I'm not terribly unhappy with the current placement, so maybe this is just a simple:  pop the can up, shake out, and stick back in the ground project.  Something I'll do early this Spring.


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