Tassel Ferns Emerge - Late April 2022

Last Spring, I planted two pairs of new (to me) ferns in a little bed:  Two Shaggy Shield Ferns and two Tassel Ferns.  This post is looking at the Tassel Ferns.  They're different than what I have in other spots - Ostrich and Autumn Ferns - in a couple of ways:  they emerge a little different in that they don't unfurl the same way AND....they don't shed all their prior season foliage.  

They're also - seemingly - this season the FIRST of the ferns to way up. See below for a photo of the tassels that have emerged along with last season's foliage that is still in place:

The 'tassels' that you see in the photo are the reason for the fern's name.  They're quite lovely and a welcome sign of Spring in the yard.  The photo also is a reminder that I have a bunch of turf removal in the beds to continue to explore as well as finishing up the Spring cleanup to remove the dead foliage and the Oak leaves that are laying about.  

The other ferns in this area - Shaggy Shield - aren't yet showing the same signs of growth that these Tassel ferns are so far.  I'll keep an eye on them in the coming weeks.


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